How to Delete Phonepe Account

How to Delete Phonepe Account: Phonepe is an installment application for making moment installments and Phonepe permits you to make credit only exchanges by simply making a QR code check. It is a simple installment gadget which you can undoubtedly convey as an application on your mobile.Continue perusing this article to figure out How To Delete Phonepe Account


Phonepe is an installment application utilized for making moment installments utilizing UPI id from your UPI based bank. Phonepe permits you to go credit only with a basic QR code check installments. It is an extremely useful application that comes convenient when you should be credit only, move sums or make installments. You simply have to have a UPI-based ledger with a netbanking office.

It is absolutely simple to Use Phonepe. Phonepe straightforwardly charges cash from your record. With a steady web association and an appropriately working Phonepe Account in your portable you can stress less over conveying your wallet with you constantly. In any case, here and there utilizing Phonepe or any comparative applications can baffle. It might crash while making installments, can neglect to give a legitimate exchange receipt and some more.

How To Delete Phonepe Account Permanently?

Erasing your phonepe account from your versatile is an exceptionally basic interaction. Despite the fact that it is a straightforward undertaking you must be extremely cautious while erasing your record. Since it is an installment-making application which is connected with your financial balance subtleties. Here is the bit by bit course of how to erase your phonepe account.

  • Open your Phonepe Account from your android or iphone
  • Go to menu and select My Account And KYC
  • From the KYC menu select Account related issues
  • A dropdown listbox will appear from that select Delete My Phonepe Account
  • After clicking Delete My Phonepe Account, select Deactivate Phonepe Account
  • And then you will be asked to verify your phone number
  • Afterwards you will be asked to give a reason for deleting your phonepe account
  • Submit the form and click on close tab

But sometimes you may have to wait for 2-3 business days after submitting your delete account request.

How To Remove Phonepe Account From Mobile?

Uninstalling your Phonepe account from your versatile and erasing your phonepe account both are very surprising approaches to eliminating Phonepe Account from portable forever. Uninstalling your Phonepe will simply eliminate the application from your versatile yet the subtleties will be safeguarded in an exceptionally gotten server.

While re-introducing the application you will be coordinated to enter a portion of your data for security purposes. Be that as it may, to eliminate your Phonepe account you really want to adhere to the guidelines given previously. You can likewise erase your Phonepe account through their authority site

  • Log on to their official website
  • Click contact us and select the mode of contact, either email or call
  • Either call and tell your request or mail your request to them
  • Within 2-3 days your request will be processed

How To Delete Phonepe Account In Mobile?

Assuming you have actuated the phonepe wallet highlight you really want to deactivate the phonepe wallet while deactivating your record. You will have some sum stacked to your phonepe wallet and keeping in mind that erasing it that sum will be moved to you financial balance straightforwardly. Yet, you should be cautious while erasing it since it must be done once.

  • Open your Phonepe Wallet
  • Then, select close wallet button
  • Now click confirm and close wallet
  • From the options select Deactivate Wallet
  • Now submit the confirmation

Remove your bank details from your Phonepe in just a few steps. It is recommended to do so when you’re deactivating your Phonepe Account. 

  • Open your Phonepe application in your mobile
  • Select the option My Money Tab
  • And then select you bank account and verify to open
  • Now select delete box and unlink tab
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How To Delete Phonepe Account – FAQs

1. How do I delete my Phonepe account number    

Select “my monet tab” from Phonepe and select Bank Accounts and then select your account and unlink your details

2. Who is the owner of Phonepe    


3. Can I add two bank account in one phonepe account    

You can add multiple accounts in your phonepe account

4. Is Phonepe safe to use    

Phonepe is 100% safe to use, it is powered by Yes Bank

5. Can I deactivate and again reactivate my Phonepe account    

No, you cannot reactivate your deactivated account from Phonepe

6. Can I use Phonepe without linking my bank account    

Yes. You can use your Phonepe Wallet

7. What is the maximum amount that I can transfer through phonepe    

The maximum transaction amount in Phonepe is 1 Lakh

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